Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chloe and Gracie in TROUBLE

Hi Everyone,

It's Chloe today and I can't be on here very long today because I (and Gracie) got in tons of trouble early this morning.

MOM has had HER hands full trying to get rid of the mouses that have come inside for the winter. Almost every day SHE yells at them for getting into HER fleeces and roving (that SHE uses to make yarn) and, one day, SHE was in the utility room beating some mouses on the washing machine (SHE wouldn't let me in to help HER with this job).

SHE had put the mouses's bodies (SHE had about 4 in the bottom of an empty dog food bag) and was waiting to fill the bag before taking it outside. After SHE got the bag outside, SHE left it in the backyard until SHE took it to the dump.

The bag had been outside for about 3 days and Gracie and I would smell it every day but we didn't move it because MOM would get real mad at us and we'd be in big trouble. Well, today MOM wasn't listening to Gracie when she scratched on the backdoor and she (Gracie) decided to check out the bags next to the steps. I thought they smelled good too, and so I carried this one (with the dead mouses in it) about 4 feet from the steps so we could check it out better. Now, I don't know what made MOM come outside then (maybe it was Travis because he was looking out the windows and we all know he's just a tattle-tail) but MOM comes out the backdoor took 1 look at what we were doing and then came down the steps. SHE asked us what the heck we thought we were doing and to get away from that bag. As SHE came toward me, Gracie decided to grab what I had in my mouth and eat it real fast, but she forgot that MOM had the 30 foot lead in HER hands and the next thing we knew MOM was swinging the end of the lead at BOTH of us and telling us to get up the stairs and wait at the door.

Well, we flew up the steps and stood there not daring to move a muscle. After MOM let us in the house, we got a big talking to about getting in the trash, AND MOM said there was a bait glue board (SHE said it was something SHE put out to help catch the mouses) and that we could get very sick from it. SHE left a few minutes after looking in the utility room for the box the glue boards came in, because SHE said the box had the information SHE needed to make sure we don't get sick. SHE said SHE had to go to Wal-Mart to find the box and get this information. I was getting scared because I didn't want to get sick and make MOM sad like SHE was last week after Stylle left us to go live with Grandma and Grandpa and Momma Dee and Catcher and Rosie and the rest of the dogs that crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I kept telling MOM how sorry I was that I did this and that I didn't want her to be upset and I wasn't going to the Bridge because I wanted to stay here with HER. I even started to cry, I was so upset.

MOM left for about 30 minutes and came back and called someone at the Pet Poison Control Center to talk to them about what happened. Then SHE called our doctor and then SHE called the people who make the mouses's poison stuff and talked to them. I was soo worried I couldn't think.

After MOM talked to all these people SHE called me and Gracie to her and told us that we would be OK but to NEVER touch anything that we were told not to because it could make us sick and cause us to leave MOM. Gracie and I both cried and said we'd never do that again. MOM gave us big hugs afterwards.

So, all you pups out there, if your mommy or daddy tell you not to touch anything DO NOT TOUCH IT. It can make you sick and cause you to leave them. I guatantee I won't be touching ANYTHING that has to do with mouses ever again (Gracie says she won't either).

Well, I'd better go for now. MOM said SHE would sit on the sofa with me and we could wrap up in one of HER really soft blankies and watch TV before we have supper. I like to cuddle with MOM. When Gracie and Gtravis aren't fussing with each other, they cuddle with MOM under the blankies,too.

Remember, pups, stay away from things that are for mouses so you don't get sick.

Bye for now,


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