Friday, January 23, 2009

Hi All!

I'm back after a busy Christmas.

MOM got 2 weeks off from school and all we did was to lie around and cuddle and eat and watch tv and play outside and watch MOM knit ( that's what she calls the thing she does with the pointy sticks ). I like to play with those little balls SHE has left over but SHE tells me that those aren't for me to play with. BOY, do they feel good and soft in my mouth.

But, now MOM is back in school and we ( Chloe, Stylle, and I ) get to sleep on the couch and ask MOM if we can go out . SHE doesn't like it if we bother HER too much because SHE has to do something called study. Me, I'd rather play.

It's been real cold here. Last Friday, MOM had to go someplace and so Chloe and I had to go potty early ( ok, so it was about 8 in the morning - we usually don't get up until 9 ). Well, let me tell you. It was soooo cold that I could barely pee and just wanted to run back into my crate and get warm. Chloe didn't want to stay out either. MOM said it was just tooo cold for Stylle, so she watched us thru the dining room window.

MOM FINALLY got our new pictures online. Ain't I just THE most handsome boy ( I'm 6 months old now ) you have ever seen. MOM says it won't be long before I get to go to dog shows, but I did hear HER say that we may have to wait because I was at the age where everything goes to pot ( not sure what that means - she said I looked like an old sway-backed horse ) but that I would grow out of it. I sure hope so because I really want to go bye-bye with MOM and see all the other dogs.

Something is going on with Stylle but I'm not sure what it is. All I know is that she smells GREAT. MOM tells at me to leave her alone and that SHE knows that Stylle smells good to me ( WOW! does she ever!!! ), but that I'm too young to worry about that, that there will be enough time, when I get older, to be with all kinds of girls that smell that good. You mean to tell me that there are other girls that smell THAT GOOD!!!!!!??? BOY, I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!

Better go for now. I heard MOM ask Chloe and Stylle if they were ready for supper. MOM says that SHE knows SHE doesn't have to call me to supper because I have 4 hollow legs and a hollow tail and I am always hungry. SHE said that my doctor told her that I had gained 31 pounds in 2 months and that I would eventually weigh about 100 pounds. My doctor said I was just a growing boy. MOM said something about hitching me to the car and letting me pull it around this winter because I was so big ( like that's ever gonna happen ). All I know is I can look Chloe right in the eye without looking up or down and I can run almost as fast as she can.

I hear food hitting the food pan.

Gotta go.