Monday, May 30, 2011

Show Results

Hi All,

MOM took me to a dog show last Saturday, it was around the corner from home. It was fun. I saw several coon hounds - many I didn't know. As we walked around waiting for classes to be called, everyone came up and told MOM how pretty I was and they wanted to know what variety of coon hound I was. MOM told everyone that I was an English coon hound and that I hadn't been to a show in about 1 year.

When we were called to the class - it was for registered coon hounds - there was a nice bluetick girl, me and another girl. I won my class and breed and received 25 points toward my championship title, so now, I have a total of 50 points.

MOM says we will be going to more shows this summer so I can hopefully be finished by Autumn Oaks and, MOM said if that happens, then I can have babies over the winter. I'm so excited, even if I do have to have Travis be the babies dad (hey, watch it, I can be a good dad. I will play with the babies and teach them to bay, chase squirrels, wrestle and give MOM kisses).

Better close for now, MOM is going to mow the back yard and I'm trying to convince her SHE needs my help.

I would also like to send out hugs and congrats to my Newfie friend, Leroy for having a great show this past weekend - WAY TO GO, LEROY!!!!!

Bye for now,