Friday, November 21, 2008

Hi Everyone,

It's me, Travis. And have I got a surprise for you.

I don't know what's going on out side but something happened while I was asleep last night.

When MOM let us out this morning, there was all this white stuff on the deck and grass and it was COLD on my feet.

Stylle and Chloe didn't think anything about it but I ran back to MOM to see if SHE knew what it was.

SHE sat down and told me that what happened while I was asleep was that it had snowed and that the cold white stuff on the deck and ground was called snow and that it wouldn't hurt me.

Well, being the cautious type, I tip-toed down the steps to get a good look at this stuff. Guess what ??? When I put my nose on it, this stuff changed into cold water. IT WAS MAGIC!!!
I didn't know there was stuff like this around. I ran back and told MOM what happened and SHE just smiled and said " It's supposed to do that ". WOW!!!

So I ran down the steps and this snow stuff would poof up wherever I stepped like it was white dust. NEAT!!! I ran as hard as I could to see how much snow dust I could stir up and it was great.

I ran over to Stylle and Chloe and told them about it but they said they knew all about this.
Oh well, some just don't appreciate things like snow dust. Well, I think it's NEAT and I plan on playing in it as much as I can when MOM let's us outside.

I wonder what else there is to see???

That's all for now!!!