Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hi All,

Well, last weekend was the 2011 Autumn Oaks coonhound show at Richmond, IN.

MOM and I went up on Thursday so I could scope out the lady coonhounds, er, so MOM could see all the hounds. It was really hot. We sat in the supposedly air conditioned main building that had the rings in it for a while, then we went for a walk. I had to pee soooo bad that I stopped at the first light pole I found.

After I took care of Mother Nature, we walked around and bought some new bells. I don't know why MOM bought 2 of them but they had a nice sound, not like the one I wear at home, but she said if we have puppies this winter or next spring, we will need bells so SHE can find us easier. I told HER that I'm not hard to find and SHE said I wasn't as long as I had my bell on. Oh,well.

MOM and Gracie were supposed to go to the show on Friday but MOM got up sick, SHE said SHE thought it was from getting so hot the day before, so SHE and Gracie stayed home. Boy, was that a long day. Gracie was mad because she wanted to go to the show and MOM wasn't feeling too well, so they got into an agrument about it. And Gracie bitched, and bitched, and bitched, and bitched all day long. I asked MOM if SHE could tell Gracie to stop but SHE said that when Gracie was in this type of mood the best thing to do was to ignore her. Easy for HER to say, my crate is right next to Gracie's and she will scoot next to my side and bitch real quite like so MOM can't hear her but I can. I had a headache after about 5 minutes of Gracie and finally told her to shut up which set her off even more.
I finally asked MOM if I could come out of my crate and sit next to HER on the sofa snd SHE let me out. I HATE it when Gracie gets like this - she's sooo hard to live with then.

MOM said to Gracie that, in the new issue of Coonhound Bloodlines, there were 3 shows she could go to in October and that finally shut Gracie up. It only took 6 hours to do it, but what a relief it was. I couldn't even sleep when she was acting so silly. She, Gracie, keeps telling me that she's a big girl but you sure couldn't prove it by me last Friday.

Anyway, things are pretty much back to normal around here. It's finally cool enough that MOM can let us out back and hunt rabbits again. It's been so hot that we are only allowed outside to go potty and then we have to come back inside into the air conditioning. I hope it stays cool like this for a long time. I don't like it when it's hot, I want to be outside hunting rabbits and MOM won't let us when it's hot. Oh, some nice man who sat down beside us, I made sure he was nice when he talked to MOM, and he asked me if I hunt coons and MOM said no that we hunt rabbits in the backyard. He said that he knew I'd be able to hunt coons and continued to scratch my head. He was a nice person and I liked talking to him.

Well, better close for now, MOM says SHE needs my blankie so it can be washed - I get scared when SHE takes my blankie because I'm afraid blankie won't come back. MOM takes Gracie's blankies and when SHE'S done with them they are different. I think it's becasue Gracie chews on her blankies til there is very little blankie left. I don't chew on mine anymore because I am a big boy, I play and wrestle and snuggle with my blankies but I don't chew on them. I guess Gracie is still a baby (I HEARD THAT, TRAVIS!!!!!).

Well, now that she is awake I gotta go.

Talk to you real soon,