Monday, November 15, 2010

Rosie, the newfie

Hi All,
Vinnie here. I'm upset about something MOM read on a blog she follows. Here's what she found.

Today, on, Jen posted an article about a newfie, named Rosie, in Des Moines that was shot last week by the police simply because she had gotten out of her yard and a neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymus, called the police to tell them the dog was out and they were afraid she would get hit by a car.

It seems the police, being the "brave" souls they are, tried to catch Rosie and when they couldn't, they decided to tase her. Oh, how appropriate THAT was. And, they weren't satisfied in trying to tase her once but they had to do it 2 times - and then wondered why she wouldn't come to them when they called to her. Personally, if it had been me, I'd have walked up to that cop and bit him in the ass but good.

According to the police report, which is on Jen's blog, this brave cop felt that Rosie was vicious because she came up to him at first and "showed her teeth". Oh, please. Have they never seen a dog smile??? I had a dog who would show her teeth when she was happy - that was her way of smiling at us and there wasnot a mean bone in her body.

Anyway, this cop said he got permission to shot the dog because he felt he was in danger. If it had been my dog, you damned well better believe he would have been in danger but not from the dog but from me. So he shot Rosie 4, count them 4, times before she died and then went and told the family they HAD to put her down because she "ATTACKED" him and he felt in danger.

Now, I don't know about any of you, but the newfies I've met at dog shows are the most lovable dogs, second only to labs and coonhounds, that are on this Earth. They will slobber you to death but as for being vicious - no way. My labs and coonhounds don't realize there are people out side of the yard that would hurt them simply because they are alive and wouldn't bat an eye at doing so. In fact, I have a neighbor who is petrified of my black lab who, now, is 12 1/2 years old and will walk up to anyone wagging his tail to say "Hi, I'm Vinnie, who are you? Can we be friends?"

I am absolutely sickened by the actions of this policeman. How would he feel if it was his child's dog that was shot simply because it was being friendly? I bet he'd raise holy hell with the shooter. I'd also bet this gets swept under the carpet.

What I'd like to see is everyone who has a dog or is a friend to someone who has a dog go on facebook and write a comment about this article or send a letter to the police dept and complain about the way this cop acted. Think about it folks, if it can happen there, it can happen in your own backyard as your dog sleeps in the sun.

The police don't like big dogs and if they happen to be black to boot, the dog doesn't have a chance.

Let's all remember Rosie as we pet our dogs tonight. She didnot deserve the treatment she received.
As you can see, MOM is very upset.I know she wouldn't let anyone hurt us and I know she was crying this morning as she read what happened to this poor dog.
Let's not let Rosie be forgotten. Do something. Make a stink about the police actions in this case.
Vinnie, Chloe, Gracie, Stylle,and MOM

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hi All,

Travis here for an overdue update.

MOM went to the dog show at Richmond in early Sept. (yeah, I told her SHE needed to post something about it but SHE doesn't listen to me). SHE took me the first day and I was afraid SHE was going to make me go into the ring (I still get shivers thinking about it). What happened was I met this nice man, who looked familiar and he and MOM talked for a while then he took me to meet someone else. She was a nice lady but she wanted me to stand up and started to up her hand on my belly and I dropped to the floor. The man told MOM he wanted this nice lady to "get a grand champion" on me - whatever that is and MOM said it was OK to start it in March of next year. MOM said I would go stay with her for a little bit and then come home again. I thought it sounded OK and I wouldn't have to put up with Gracie for a while.

Gracie went to the show the next day and she said she had to tell someone's dad off because he was standing in her way so she couldn't see the puppies in the ring. Gracie likes the show ring and says she's going to be a champion when she grows up. Yeah right (watch it, Travis, or I'll tell MOM you're on HER computer!!!) Little snitch.

MOM keeps hoping the weather will get cold enough so SHE can take Gracie off her medicine. SHE had to take Gracie to the doctor the other day and when Gracie came home, she had some big pills to take and some yucky smelling stuff that MOM put into her ears. She's better now. MOM said Gracie had a slight ear infection and that's why she had drops for her ears. Too bad, the doctor couldn't give her a pill to make her nice to me (MMMOOOMMM!!!! Travis is talking about me AGAIN!!!!!!). *snitch*

Well, Chloe and Stylle are lying on the couch and Gracie thinks she's gonna get up there, so I'd better go so I can lie on the couch with them and not Gracie. (MMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!! TRAVIS IS DOING IT AGAIN!!!!!).*&^%$#@!!

Talk to you soon,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Gracie's First Birthday

With love from MOM, Travis, Chloe, Stylle, Vinnie, Maggie and Willie.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hi All, Travis here,

Well, it's been a while but it's been busy around here.

MOM had to buy another computer because her big one up and died on her ( SHE wasn't real happy at that), so now we have a laptop and I think it's great. It's easier for me to work than the other one. This is the first time MOM has let me near the laptop and I have a lot to say.

The snow is finally gone. It was so deep that it was almost up to my chest when I was out playing. At times, Gracie had trouble getting around in the snow because it was so deep. MOM slipped and hurt her left knee while SHE was moving the snow around and I've been helping HER do things around here. I will bring HER things ( my toys, a piece of a blankie Gracie chewed up, a piece of my food) and SHE let's me lay down beside HER and SHE rubs my tummy. I LOVE it when SHE rubs my tummy - I end up going to sleep, it feels sooooooooooooo gooooooooooood.

Gracie has been in heat - that's what MOM calls it when Gracie gets real nasty toward me and her backside starts to swell and she SMELLS SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!!! I like the way she smells at that time but she is even more nasty than usual. She would wake up in the morning and start fussing with me even before we were let out of our crates. I wasn't awake most of the time and she would fuss. MOM even had to come between us because Gracie would pick a fight with me if I was just sitting still looking out the window. MOM wasn't happy with Gracie's attitude - SHE said that if you looked in Funk and Wagnell's and found the word "bitch" that Gracie's picture would be right next to it. I'm not sure what all that means but I think MOM was saying that Gracie is nasty. MOM said that we will be able to tell when this happens again and I asked her how often Gracie would be like this and MOM said 2 times a year. I don't know if I can stand Gracie like this that often - she's hard enough to live with as it is let alone when she's in heat.

We (Chloe, Gracie, MOM, and me, Stylle was in the house eating her breakfast) were outside this morning and Chloe and I were snooping around a pile of weeds when all of a sudden a big fat bunny rabbit ran out in front of me running toward the creek. The silly rabbit couldn't get thru the fence and, since I was right behind him, he decided to run toward the gate between the front and backyards. I could almost touch his tail, and Chloe was right behind me, when the rabbit ran thru the fence and got away!!!!! Gracie came up after Chloe an I had chased it thru the fence and was asking what had happened ( she NEVER pays attention). So, Chloe told her as I was trying to figure out how to get thru the fence to get that rabbit but MOM said we couldn't do that. Even tho Chloe and I BEGGED HER to let us go get that rabbit ( it wasn't supposed to be in our yard anyway ), SHE said no. I will get that rabbit and those nasty squirrels that were in the yard yesterday. I WILL. I WILL. I WILL.

Well, that's about all for now.
`Bye til later.