Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hi All,

It's me. Travis, again.

I know it's been a while but MOM is back in school ( SHE says SHE'LL be finished in about 1 year ) and I've been busy playing with my toys and treeing those $%^&* squirrels in the backyard with Chloe and trying to get MOM to get rid of this thing. But SHE says that this pup ( monster, I say ) is staying and that I'd better get used to it. So, since that's how things are here I guess I'd better introduce her before MOM let's her on my blog.

This is Gracie ( fancy name is Duegar's Say G'Nite Gracie ). She's about 3 months old in this picture but she isn't as " sweet " as she looks.

When MOM brought her home from the dog show in Richmond, Gracie walked thru the backdoor and took over. I mean SHE TOOK OVER. If I want to get something to eat from the food pan MOM keeps out and Gracie sees me, she will walk right up to my nose and looks me in the eye and growls at me and starts to eat what I wanted. SHE HAS NO RESPECT FOR HER ELDERS!!! She takes my toys, my blankie MOM made for me and anything else she can get her teeth into and MOM doesn't stop her. MOM says that Gracie is just doing to me what I did to Stylle and Chloe last year at this time - but I don't remember any of this. MOM said I would walk up to Chloe and stare at her until Chloe walked away and then I'd start to eat AND if Chloe even walked into the kitchen, MOM said I'd run up to Chloe and growl. I WOULD NEVER DO THAT. ( Travis - what have I told you about telling bad stories??? MOM ).

THIS is what I have to put up with on a daily ( no, constant ) basis. Gracie loves to fight and her teeh are sharp and she grabs my ears, neck, sides, shoulders and a place I'm not to talk about in public - but it really hurts.

I get no peace and what does MOM do? SHE laughs the entire time Gracie is chewing on me saying that I've finally met my match in her. SHE really laughed when Gracie chased me underneath the chair MOM was siting in at the computer - the chair almost tipped over because I was trying to get away from Gracie and MOM wouldn't help.

I wish MOM would send Gracie back to where she came from but MOM says I need to get along with her so that when Gracie is old enough, we can have babies. OMG, more little Gracies around to chew on me !!! I don't know if I can stand it!!!!!

MOM keeps telling me that I will like Gracie given enough time - but how much is enough time???

MOM took Gracie to the vet last week and Gracie now weighs 41 pounds ( of piss and vinegar - as MOM says ) and she's about 1/2 as tall as I am. She is now 6 months old and MOM said she wants to show her next month ( maybe ).

All I know is, I wish MOM would " lose " Gracie ( even tho she is sorta fun to play with - as long as the food pan is empty, that is ). I guess, Gracie is here to stay - now if I can only make sure MOM doesn't bring home another hound, I might be able to get HER to scratch my tummy again. Keep you toes crosed.

Better go for now, Gracie is asleep on the sofa next to Stylle and the food pan is full and I'm hungry. Gotta Go.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dog Show - Number Deux

Hi All,

Well, I went to my second show last evening and it wasn't pretty. I don't care what MOM says I HATE THE BENCH!!!!!!

It's this scary wooden thing with carpet on top and if you step on it a certain way ( which the bench changes every time ) it wobbles and you feel like you're going to fall.

MOM put me up on this thing a couple of times before the show started and I almost peed all over myself - it was so embarrassing. MOM kept saying I was a good boy and it would be ok but SHE wasn't the one on top of this contraption either. I just don't like it.

MOM says that I need to get used to the bench because ALL dogs have to be on it at the shows. Maybe I could talk HER into not having me be a show dog - but then I wouldn't get to go bye-bye and wouldn't have all the ladies ( canine and human ) petting me and loving on me like they do ( I really like THAT part of the show ) - maybe I really need to rethink this bench business again. MOM said she found 3 other show I can go to so I can get more exposure to the bench ( oh, happy day ). If MOM wants me to do this, then I guess I'll do it.

After we got home last night, MOM let me and Chloe, and Stylle out in the backyard to play for a few minutes. Chloe acts really silly - jumping all over me and smelling me from stem to stern but Stylle just looks at us and doesn't even bother.

I was so tired after we came in that I asked MOM if I could have a chew stick and go to bed - I could hardly keep my eyes open. It's hard work being an up and coming show dog. So, I got my chew stick, sat in my crate while MOM told Chloe she needed to let me sleep and was out like a light in a couple of minutes. Chloe says I snore - like she should talk - I'm not the one who rattles the windows when I'm in bed.

Well, better close for now, I'm still a little tired and MOM said once SHE gets through doing HER homework ( whatever that is ) we will all sit on the couch and watch movies ( YIPPEE - to sit and snuggle with MOM is GREAT ).

Talk to you all later,


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hi All

Well, I got to go bye-bye with MOM last night and we went to my first dog show ( we were going to do that last weekend but MOM said the weather was too bad ).

Anyway, there were all kinds of coonhounds there - dark red redbones, lighter red redbones, some blue ticks and a bunch of Walker hounds, and of course, me. MOM said most of the dogs there were puppies and this was probably their first time out.

It was noisy - the thing that heats the room up was very noisy, and the man who sat up the chairs was noisy ( actually, I don't like the noise from those metal chairs - it makes my ears curl ). And then there was the barking and whining from the dogs. MOM kept telling me that I was such a good boy for sitting quietly and watching what was going on and not making any noise.

When it was my time to " be shown ", MOM and I walked around these " tables " ( they're called benches and the dogs stand on them while their mom's and dad's move their feet around ) and up to this man who talked to me. He was nice, he also told me that I was a good boy. Then we walked to one of the benches and MOM wanted me up on it but I got scared because this man was standing real close but MOM said it was ok ( but I did pee on the floor, I was sooo scared ).

When I was up on the bench, the man looked at my teeth and petted me and then backed off and kept looking at me, all the time MOM was scratching my side and telling me how good I was. He then said to stay on the bench, and about 2 other pups came up with their parents. The man looked at them but kept coming back to me and this real dark red redbone boy standing on the next table with his mom. The man did this for a long time and then said the redbone was the best boy pup there ( how could he make that mistake when I was there???), but told MOM that I was better but I just needed to get more exposure ( what ever that means ) and I'd do fine.

We also met this real nice man who said he knew my father and kept petting me and saying how pretty I was ( I wanted to tell him that boys are handsome and girls are pretty and I WAS A BOY ), But MOM said I had to be nice to people, so I let him pet me.

Well, let me tell you that when we got home Chloe and Stylle were all over me smelling and asking what happened and did I have fun and would I be doing this again and why couldn't they go with me and a ton of more questions I don't remember. I was soooo tired, I could hardly keep my eyes open. So, when MOM sat down on the sofa, I crawled up beside her, put my head on HER leg and was asleep before Chloe could bark. I must have slept like that for a long time because when MOM woke me up she said it was past my bedtime and I needed to get in my crate and sleep. NO problem - I stumbled to my crate, got my chewstick from MOM and was asleep before SHE could close the door. I heard Chloe ask MOM if I was alright and MOM said that I'd just had a busy day and was very sleepy and would be fine in the morning.

I can hardly wait to go to another dog show!!! It was sooo much fun!!! MOM says I have another one in 2 weeks and that I will be even better then than last night. I want to believe MOM and I know SHE wouldn't do anything to hurt me ( even tho SHE does get mad at me when I get into HER yarn ),so we'll see how things go then.

Will update everyone on the next show.

How do you like my picture with the snow on my face??? Chloe and I were outside playing in the last snow we had when MOM couldn't get out to go to work. It's fun when SHE is at home and plays and cuddles with us.

Well, better go for now, I heard Chloe ask MOM if we could go outside and play and MOM said " YES ".

Gotta go.



Friday, January 23, 2009

Hi All!

I'm back after a busy Christmas.

MOM got 2 weeks off from school and all we did was to lie around and cuddle and eat and watch tv and play outside and watch MOM knit ( that's what she calls the thing she does with the pointy sticks ). I like to play with those little balls SHE has left over but SHE tells me that those aren't for me to play with. BOY, do they feel good and soft in my mouth.

But, now MOM is back in school and we ( Chloe, Stylle, and I ) get to sleep on the couch and ask MOM if we can go out . SHE doesn't like it if we bother HER too much because SHE has to do something called study. Me, I'd rather play.

It's been real cold here. Last Friday, MOM had to go someplace and so Chloe and I had to go potty early ( ok, so it was about 8 in the morning - we usually don't get up until 9 ). Well, let me tell you. It was soooo cold that I could barely pee and just wanted to run back into my crate and get warm. Chloe didn't want to stay out either. MOM said it was just tooo cold for Stylle, so she watched us thru the dining room window.

MOM FINALLY got our new pictures online. Ain't I just THE most handsome boy ( I'm 6 months old now ) you have ever seen. MOM says it won't be long before I get to go to dog shows, but I did hear HER say that we may have to wait because I was at the age where everything goes to pot ( not sure what that means - she said I looked like an old sway-backed horse ) but that I would grow out of it. I sure hope so because I really want to go bye-bye with MOM and see all the other dogs.

Something is going on with Stylle but I'm not sure what it is. All I know is that she smells GREAT. MOM tells at me to leave her alone and that SHE knows that Stylle smells good to me ( WOW! does she ever!!! ), but that I'm too young to worry about that, that there will be enough time, when I get older, to be with all kinds of girls that smell that good. You mean to tell me that there are other girls that smell THAT GOOD!!!!!!??? BOY, I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!

Better go for now. I heard MOM ask Chloe and Stylle if they were ready for supper. MOM says that SHE knows SHE doesn't have to call me to supper because I have 4 hollow legs and a hollow tail and I am always hungry. SHE said that my doctor told her that I had gained 31 pounds in 2 months and that I would eventually weigh about 100 pounds. My doctor said I was just a growing boy. MOM said something about hitching me to the car and letting me pull it around this winter because I was so big ( like that's ever gonna happen ). All I know is I can look Chloe right in the eye without looking up or down and I can run almost as fast as she can.

I hear food hitting the food pan.

Gotta go.