Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dog Show - Number Deux

Hi All,

Well, I went to my second show last evening and it wasn't pretty. I don't care what MOM says I HATE THE BENCH!!!!!!

It's this scary wooden thing with carpet on top and if you step on it a certain way ( which the bench changes every time ) it wobbles and you feel like you're going to fall.

MOM put me up on this thing a couple of times before the show started and I almost peed all over myself - it was so embarrassing. MOM kept saying I was a good boy and it would be ok but SHE wasn't the one on top of this contraption either. I just don't like it.

MOM says that I need to get used to the bench because ALL dogs have to be on it at the shows. Maybe I could talk HER into not having me be a show dog - but then I wouldn't get to go bye-bye and wouldn't have all the ladies ( canine and human ) petting me and loving on me like they do ( I really like THAT part of the show ) - maybe I really need to rethink this bench business again. MOM said she found 3 other show I can go to so I can get more exposure to the bench ( oh, happy day ). If MOM wants me to do this, then I guess I'll do it.

After we got home last night, MOM let me and Chloe, and Stylle out in the backyard to play for a few minutes. Chloe acts really silly - jumping all over me and smelling me from stem to stern but Stylle just looks at us and doesn't even bother.

I was so tired after we came in that I asked MOM if I could have a chew stick and go to bed - I could hardly keep my eyes open. It's hard work being an up and coming show dog. So, I got my chew stick, sat in my crate while MOM told Chloe she needed to let me sleep and was out like a light in a couple of minutes. Chloe says I snore - like she should talk - I'm not the one who rattles the windows when I'm in bed.

Well, better close for now, I'm still a little tired and MOM said once SHE gets through doing HER homework ( whatever that is ) we will all sit on the couch and watch movies ( YIPPEE - to sit and snuggle with MOM is GREAT ).

Talk to you all later,