Monday, December 19, 2011

Stylle (a.k.a.Duegar's Just My Stylle)

Hi Everyone,

It's with a heavy heart that I must say that Stylle lost her fight against cancer and old age today at 3:30 PM. She was 14 yrs 8 months old ( She was approximately 91 years old in human years) and had been living with breast and mast cell cancer for over 3 years.

She was a very loving and friendly lab who didn't know a stranger and always had a smile, wagging tail, and doggie kisses for anyone she met. She was born here on the farm and had moved into the house in about 2001, after the death of her mom (Duegar's Hyjinx of Amen).

Her brother, Vinnie, is still here in the house and was at her side when she passed quietly across the Rainbow Bridge, along with Chloe and myself.

Stylle was never a show dog but she loved living on the farm, digging up the fields and hunting rabbits in the backyard.

She was always close if she thought something was bothering you and was always quick to put her head on your lap to comfort you in your sorrow or if you were ill.

All of us here at Duegar Kennels would hope that anyone who knew Stylle, or any or the rest of us, would please help supprt the Morris Foundation in their battle to cure canine cancer. When a dog develops cancer, the cure (anti-cancer medicines) are very hard on the dog to tolerate and may just barely extend their lives a few months if at all. We have had 3 dogs (Tillie, Trouble, and, now, Stylle) die of some form of canine cancer since 2004. Tillie was diagnosed with end-stage mast cell cancer 6 weeks before she passed; Trouble was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma cancer (a cancer found in the abdominal cavity and organs) and passed 4 days after diagnosis; and, now, Stylle (even tho she was never "techincally " diagnosed, she showed all the signs of breast and mast cell cancers with mets).

I hope anyone who reads this blog will support The Morris Foundation ( and "like" their page on facebook in Stylle's name or in the name of a dog you know that has suffered with this terrible disease.

We thank you for all your support in this time of our grief.

Benita, Chloe, Vinnie, Travis, and Gracie.  

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