Monday, December 26, 2011

It's after Christmas

Hi All,

It's me, Gracie. I thought I'd talk a little about how things have been going this past week since we lost Stylle.

It's been a week today since Stylle crossed the Rainbow Bridge and things are getting back to normal.

Vinnie was walking the halls looking for Stylle but couldn't find her. He looked every place he thought she could be, even in the last place MOM had her (MOM couldn't bury Stylle until the next day because it had started to rain shortly after she passed). MOM had wrapped Stylle in a pale blue sheet and had her in the utility room and Vinnie was allowed to be in there with her to say his good-byes to his sister. MOM said he smelled her and then kissed the sheet (MOM said it was very touching to see him do that). Chloe was allowed in there after Vinnie was finished and she said her good-byes, too. Chloe said we (Travis and I) were too young to be in there so she said good-bye for us, too.

For the next 3-4 days, Vinnie would walk the halls and go into all the rooms looking for Stylle and got upset because he couldn't find her and he would whine about it. MOM let him do as he wanted because he and Stylle were form the same litter and she said they knew each other longer than any other of us.

Things finally settled down on Saturday after MOM got home from work. SHE talked to Vinnie and told him where Stylle was and that he would see her again. He seemed to be calmer after that.

I miss Stylle and I know Travis does,too. She was a nice older lady dog, unless you were a young dog  then she would snap at you if you were not behaving yourself. She would give some of the best ear washes and face cleanings ever.

Well, better close for now. MOM is sitting on the sofa with a movie on and I plan on sitting next to her (even though Travis thinks he's going to do so).

Talk to you again real soon.


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