Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Itches, part II

Hi All,
Well, I went to the doctor with MOM the other day and she (the doctor) gave me a shot after looking in my ears and at my rash. She kept asking MOM if SHE knew what I had gotten into and if SHE was sure it was an allergy. I think MOM was getting upset with the doctor with the way the doctor was speaking to MOM. I know I didn't like the way the doctor was talking to my MOM.
Anyway, I feel much better now. I barely itch at all. MOM gives me half of a tiny pill at night with my supper so I won't have any more itches.
Now, if MOM could only do something with Travis. He barks at me after MOM puts us in our crates. He's so mean. But when we are outside, he chases me and tries to knock me over until I growl at him and pull on his ear to make him play nice. Just because he's a boy doesn't mean he can be so ruff with me. I have told him to be easy or I will bite - he just doesn't remember it from one day to the next. MOM says it's a boy thing.
Well, I'm going to take a nap so I can play outside later.
Bye for now,

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jen said...

So glad to hear that your itchies are better!