Sunday, March 13, 2011

I want to lay down

Hi All,
Travis here.

Well, Chloe and Gracie have decided to plot against me!!

I have been watching for the blasted mousie to crawl out of the furnace so I can escort him outside and get rid of him. Unfortunately, he doesn't think he needs to go outside, so I sit with my nose next to the bottom of the furnace just in case he wants help to go out.

Anyway, after all this hard work, I want to take a nap but Chloe and Gracie are stretched out on the couch so there is no room for me. I talked to MOM and told HER the problem but all SHE said was to ask Chloe real nice and she'll let me up there.

I walked over to where Chloe was and asked her real nice like and what did I get??? Gracie looked up and made a face at me and I heard he tell Chloe not to let me up there. I told MOM but SHE said to try again.

I decided I'd rather not so I went out to see if the mousie wanted to go out yet. No such luck.

I think I'm gonna ask MOM if I can go to bed and talk to my blankies - they always have good advice and cuddle with me.

Bye for now.

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