Saturday, October 11, 2008


Travis back again to tell you what happened when my silly sister Chloe ( pictured here ) and I went outside to potty this morning.

I was busy " doing my thing ", when all of a sudden, Chloe took off like a shot towards the kennel dogs. I wasn't sure what was going on but she suddenly came flying around the kennel ( the dogs were asleep until this ) and was racing into the corner of the yard.

Then I saw something bright yellow running out in front of Chloe and she was hot on its backside and closing fast. There wasn't a sound coming from Chloe, she was too busy chasing whatever had gotten into the backyard.

I came up to the side of the deck where MOM was standing and this yellow thing just flew by me ( I was scared that it was going to hit me ) and Chloe was almost on top of it.

They flew around the deck and up to the fence where this thing slipped thru just as Chloe was getting ready to bite.

She was upset that she didn't catch it but she had just run 2x the length of the backyard full out and just missed it.

I got scared and climbed up on the deck with MOM who said that Chloe was trying to catch a cat that had been in the yard before and that's why she was upset, that I hadn't done anything to make her mad.

MOM got us all ( Chloe, Stylle and me ) back in the house and gave us all cookies and told Chloe what a good girl she was. I guess that when I get older, Chloe will teach me how to chase cats out of the yard. They must be bad things to have around if Chloe wants them out.

After we had breakfast, Chloe and I went into the front room and talked about what had happened and I asked her a lot of questions until MOM told us it was time to play QUIETLY - I guess SHE didn't like it that we were talking so loud.

Oh, well, that's all that's going on for now.

Until later,


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