Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hi All

MOM says I've been a bad boy.

She had some real soft tiny balls of yarn just sitting on the table next to where she knits at night. I thought SHE left them there for me to play with.

Well, when SHE found out that I was playing with them SHE got mad and yelled at me and took them out of my mouth ( they felt soooo good on my sore gums ). I found a couple more little yarn balls and was bringing them to HER and SHE wasn't happy ( I was trying to be a good boy ).

Well, what SHE did wasn't nice. SHE found this piece of wood with this metal contraption on it ( actually, there were 2 of them ) and put it on the table with the little yarn balls next to it. I went to pick up another ball of yarn ( to take it to HER ) when ...... all of a sudden, this contraption snapped across my nose and scared me and Chloe to death.

I took off running to tell MOM what had happened when Chloe stopped me. Chloe said that MOM used to do this to her if she got around MOM's stuff and the best thing to do was to leave MOM's stuff alone. But I said that HER stuff is sooooo nice and soft and smells so good that it's hard to leave it alone. This is when Chloe looked at me ( she got down on her belly so she was eyeball-to-eyeball with me ) and said, that if I didn't leave MOM's things alone that MOM would spank me and NOT let me on the sofa next to HER and cuddle or get tummy rubs from HER, so it was my decision what I wanted to do.

How can I not have MOM give me tummy rubs and cuddle with me???? But the yarn is sooooo soft and nice.

After thinking about what Chloe said ( and Stylle said the same thing ), I guess I'll leave the yarn alone and have MOM give my tummy rubs instead. It ain't fair, it just ain't fair.

* sigh *

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