Friday, October 10, 2008


My name is Duegar's 4 Evr N Evr Amen, but to my friends I'm known as Travis.

I'm a redtick English coonhound and I'm 3 months old.

I live on 6 1/3 acres ( whatever that is ) in southeastern Indiana with my human MOM, and my big sisters Chloe ( she's a red and white English coonhound ) and Stylle ( she's a pale yellow Labrador retriever ) and, of course the kennel dogs ( Rosie - Duegar's A Rose Among Thorns, Catcher - Duegar's Catch Me If You Can, Maggie - Duegar's D'U B'leve N Magic, and Vinnie - Duegar's De JaVu. The kennel dogs are retired from whatever they did as young dogs ).

MOM says that come this next January, I will get to go bye-bye and see other pups and dogs and some person will look at me and decide if I get a ribbon for being a good boy. SHE says it's fun and I will get to see all kinds of pups not just ones like me but other kinds of pups - I'm not real sure I know what SHE'S talking about but I'll go bye-bye with MOM any time.

MOM also said that when I get to be a big dog, that I will be able to go with big girl dogs and make puppies ( not a clue what THAT means ). SHE also told me that we would be getting another girl-pup as a baby and she can come home and play with me and we can have puppies.

I'm not sure MOM knows what SHE'S talking about - I think I need to go talk to Stylle and Chloe about all this stuff.

MOM said that I can write here and let everyone know what's going on with me and the rest of the dogs. SHE said that I can even put pictures up, too so everyone can see us. That sounds like fun.

This is my big sister Stylle. Isn't she pretty? She likes me now but didn't when I first came to live here - she would bite me whenever I came near. Now, she let's me give her kisses and she even gives me some.
And this is my silly big sister Chloe. She plays with me all the time and sometimes let's me snuggle with her as I fall asleep at night.
She's fun to play with. She knows all kinds of games with sticks, balls and, my favorite, digging holes.
Chloe just had a birthday ( it's TODAY ) and she is 3 years old!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHLOE!!!!!
She even taught me to find the presents the sheep leave in the grass in the backyard that are good to eat. MOM isn't crazy about us eating it but it tastes sooooo goooodd that we do it when SHE isn't looking.
Well, I'm going to have to go for now because I'm getting real sleepy and MOM says that baby pups ( like me ) need naps during the day so I can grow and be a big show dog. I even have dreams of being a show dog ( it's like showing off in front of everyone and you get treats for being the best ).
* YAWN * I'm getting real sleepy now, so bye til later.

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