Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm still standin'

Hi everyone!!

Well, I chased Gracie into her crate, slammed the door shut and took a quick picture of her in it and got it online. But THIS is ridiculous!!!!!! This is Gracie's way of getting back at me WITHOUT her being in my crate screaming at me. She has a horrible temper and  got in there the other day - OMG!! it was so bad MOM had to come get her out.    * The horror of it *

ANYWAY, I'm here to remind you to come over to our Facebook pages. I love it over there because I'm the only one allowed on my page (Just way til you turn your back, buddy ....- Gracie) and I get to write anything I want.

Well, I'd love to sit and chat longer but it looks like MOM is getting ready to let Chloe and Gracie outside for a while (I STILL am not allowed out without being tied to the back door - a thing I refuse to do) so I'll close for now and try to get MOM to rub my tummy coz there's nothing better that a tummy rub.

See Ya Later.


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