Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chloe's business

Hi All

It's me, Travis, and I was asked to talk to you about what Chloe is up to.

It seems that she has decided to have a business of her own making clothes and blankies and beds for all the doggies out there.

She says she wants all the dogs, and their families, to have nice clothes, with dogs on them of course, so they can show how proud they are of their furry kids. She said that she will be making, with the help of MOM, t-shirts and sweat shirts, dog beds (she said I could try one out), blankies and quilts to snuggle under, and, naturally, some dog clothes (coats, sweatshirts, things like that) and all of these things will have dogs on them. She said they may be charactures (whatever that is) of dogs or sillouttes of real dogs. I hope she makes good on this because she is driving me nuts and this would get her out of my hair.

So, I told her that I would tell everyone about this and even model (and who can resist such a handsome guy like me) so she can get off on the right foot.

Now, what I need from you is to go over to her blog,, and check things out. She says she hopes to have some sketches to post during the next few days of what she'll have to offer.

Please go there so Chloe will leave me alone for a little bit - she has been yapping about this for the past few days and it's really starting to get on my nerves - she even has Gracie signed up to be a model.

Help, please.


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